The Path to Cosmic Consciousness with Master Shaman Victoria Carella

Victoria Carella joins the show again today to discuss the “path to cosmic consciousness”.  She describes herself as “a mystic, Master Shaman, Master of Human Consciousness, Master Medicine Woman, Transformational Teacher, Visionary, Artist, Author, Poet and Gardener” so to say she is an accomplished person is to put it mildly.

Finding your path to cosmic consciousness is done in part by grounding yourself to Mother Earth.  It is also important to be guided by a person such as Victoria on your “inner journey”.  I know you’ll enjoy this discussion with Victoria.

Victoria Carella can be reached for consultation via email here. [email protected]

The Mother Eagle Shamanic Center in Arizona

JOURNEYS An Exploration of Being. by Victoria Carella

“Cannabis Shamanism: Reconnecting to Sacred Teacher Plant Medicine” by Maestra Victoria Carella

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Image by Stefan Keller from Pixabay

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