Recognizing your Twin Flame

The following characteristics are only some of the ways you may recognize your twin flame when you meet one another.

  • You will experience an “aha” moment when you meet. This is a feeling of “I know you”.
  • There will be a sense of “coming home” between you. I like to call this the “comfort food” feeling of your relationship…. your “tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich” moments.
  • You will balance one another…this is the “yin and yang” concept with the dark and the light parts of your personality being in balance.
  • When you are together, there will be a sense of “attachment” and yet both of you feel “free” to be the person you are. There is “no” sense of ownership here.
  • Your values and aspirations will be “mirrored” in one another. The things that are important for each of you will be synchronized.  Carl Jung developed this theory which he described as meaningful coincidences.  Possibly you both lived near one another and yet had never met.  You may have the same ideals and values in life or enjoy the same food, books, music, etc.
  • Each of you will feel driven toward a “higher purpose in life”. This is the understanding that life is so much more than simply living.  All of us are here on earth to find our personal path and discover our destiny.

Remember we were “conceived in love” and came into the world as “love”.  Life can bend, and, at times try to break us but it is “our job” to remember who we truly are.  If your goal is to ultimately reach your own personal divinity, your twin flame may just be the person who guides you over the threshold.

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