How To Improve Your Relationship

How do you know if you’re in a good relationship?  As most people know, meaningful relationships take commitment, compromise, respect, a willingness to listen to one another, forgiveness and an ongoing effort.

Falling in love with someone is relatively easy if the chemistry is there but the challenge is to build a lasting relationship.  Generally speaking, the love we feel for another person is a combination of several feelings.  Additionally, men and women understand their feelings of love differently.

Women tend to view love “romantically”.  In time, however, this passion may fad.  Couples often wonder how they can recapture their old feelings.  One method is to continuously add new and different activities to the relationship.  Try a joint sport together such as golf, skiing or fishing.  Create a “date night” that is honored every week.  Whenever you add a new, positive experience, you are not only building memories but you’re also activating the brain’s reward center.  When you look back on these experiences together, it will boost your feelings of happiness as a couple and create a deeper sense of connection and commitment.

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