Healing A Traumatized Society with Trey Malicoat, M.S.

Trey Malicoat explains on the show today that the time for taking action to help individuals coping with trauma of all types is now.  He states, “The trauma we are witnessing is a systemic crisis that threatens to unravel the fabric of our society”.

Trey goes on to say the trauma we have been witnessing over the past 4 years has been unprecedented beginning with the 2020 COVID 19 pandemic. We continue to witness, on a daily basis, murders and hate crimes throughout the world. Trey goes on to say, “We’re seeing a troubling shift towards the weaponization of divisive issues, as lawmakers and pundits capitalize on public fears and anxieties”.

Join us today as Trey and I explore what options we may be able to use to help all of us cope in these troubled times.

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