Can Our Dreams Tell Our Future with Laurel Clark

Although there is not a lot of scientific research on whether dreams foretell the future, we all have had dreams that have come true.  Dr. John Mayer, a clinical psychologist, explains that “when dreams appear to predict the future, it is because the dreams are analyzing the facts and making educated guesses about upcoming events”.

The concept of prophetic dreams has been around since ancient times and many early civilizations believed this ability meant you had “divine knowledge”.  Our dreams often provide information through metaphors or symbols.  Ultimately, we need to decide what our dreams are trying to convey and if it is important information we should examine.

Laurel Clark, a certified Dreamologist and author of Intuitive Dreaming, is my guest on the show today and we discuss how dreams can help us live our best life.

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Image by Stergo from Pixabay