Bringing Creativity into Your Life In 2022 with Joni Kline-Higger

Creativity is defined as a “tendency to generate or recognize ideas or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems or communicating with others or even entertaining ourselves or others”.

How do you tap into your personal creativity?  Many people think creativity is limited to painting, writing, wood working, metal work, sculpting or some other creative pursuit outside of their paid jobs.  However, creativity also means taking risks and facing fears.  It might mean doing something you have never done before or deciding to go in a new direction with your life.

In the show today, Joni Kline-Higger and I discuss how wonderfully rewarding it can be to “think outside the box” and arrive at new possibilities and conclusions about life.

Joni can be reached for consultation through the following links:

Facebook:  Joni Klein-Higger Books as well as Joni Klein-Higger Music

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Image by Hans from Pixabay