The Wonderful World of Pirates with Robert Jacob

When most of us think about pirates and who they were in history, we see them as robbers who traveled by water.  According to history books, most pirates were people who had been forced into their criminal activities to survive.  They stole vessels with their cargo around the coastal areas of the world.  Sometimes governments hired “Privateers” to capture sea trade and “Buccaneers” were government-sponsored pirate crews who were paid to attack Spanish ships in the 17th century.

During the show today, Robert Jacob and I discuss how he became interested in pirates.  He has written two books on pirating and he and his wife do live history interpretations and reenactments throughout the country. Robert retired from the Marines after 31 years, but he continues to lead a very active life and is available to lecture on a variety of historical topics.

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Image by thommas68 from Pixabay