Managing Fear and Anxiety In The Face Of Covid 19 with Trey Malicoat

Uncertainty is the biggest issue facing people today and everyone knows that the only way to truly deal with fear is to face it.  Avoiding any type of fear will keep you from moving forward with your life and it generally only makes you more anxious.  A helpful coping tool is for you to name the fear you’re experiencing because by facing it, you make it shrink.

When you look at the Covid 19 crisis, it’s important to recognize we’re dealing with two “contagions”.  One is the virus itself and the other area is our emotional reaction to all of the stressors that have become a part of our lives.  Both situations are highly toxic and it prevents us from thinking clearly, being able to focus on the most important priorities and making informed decisions.

Becoming aware of what we’re feeling is one step to regaining a calmer approach to the crisis we’re all experiencing right now.  Another step for helping you regain a sense of composure is to focus on your breathing.  It turns out you can actually clear your bloodstream of the stress chemical, cortisol, through focusing on your breathing.

Listening to this interview with Trey will give you some wonderful methods for managing the Covid 19 stressors.

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