How Do You Build Healthy Relationships?

How do you know if you’re in a healthy relationship?  There are definitely “key” characteristics in any relationship that will tell you if it’s healthy or not.  Most therapists who work with couples will explain the following areas are essential if a relationship is to survive and grow through the years.


  • Sharing a mutual respect for one another helps both partners operate independently from one another.
  • Being able to communicate without fear of reprisal helps build an atmosphere where an open sharing of feelings can occur.
  • Believing you can trust your partner in all areas of your life forges the bond you’ll need to overcome any adversity down the road.
  • Knowing you can support one another regardless of any circumstance comes from building on those earlier characteristics of trust, respect and communication.
  • Encouraging one another to have “separate identities” helps each person become independent.
  • Recognizing the importance of loving yourself is critical because if you don’t have “self-love”, it’s difficult to love someone else. Instead, you will be looking for the other person to complete you.
  • Being able to connect with each other is another essential element in a healthy relationship. Make it a point to connect daily. Keep in mind that making time for one another is more important than ”pushing” for that next promotion.  Your relationship should be your priority, and. if it isn’t, step back and look at which of the above areas are missing.
  • Finally, showing your appreciation for one another has been shown to foster affection between couples. Most people will say they would like to be appreciated more often for their efforts whether it’s through a simple “thank-you” or a hug.

Relationships require work but if you make the effort, the benefits physically and emotionally will last a lifetime.

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