Communication With Ghosts Spirits and Animals with Rob Gutro

Rob Gutro is an author, paranormal investigator and medium.  Although he considers himself to be a normal guy, he clearly has talents most of us don’t possess.

On our show today, Rob and I discuss the differences between Ghosts and Spirits and how our even our pets can communicate with us after they die.  His latest book is Pets and the Afterlife 3:  Dog Spirit Signs and can be found on Amazon.

Rob explains that there is a difference between ghosts and spirits and the most defining feature is ghosts have a heaviness about their energy.  Rob believes this quality may be due to the ghost holding onto anger, sadness, depression, or some other negative energy.  Spirits, on the other hand, are lighter and share their positive energy in a guiding way.

Rob Gutro can be reached at the following links for consultation or fund-raising events for animal shelters:

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Amazon Author Page

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Image by DanielHannah from Pixabay