An Angelic Concept Of Love

Show Notes from 2/14/19  with Tess Dalka, Angel Channeler

Tess Dalka brings a message of pure love to the show today as she brings us the understanding of how important it is to share our love with others using a unifying spirit.  By doing this act, we are realigning ourselves back to what is known as the “Divine Imprint”.

It appears people who carry Angelic energy with them have caring hearts and feel connected to all of life.  Their life purpose is to help as many people as possible to heal on multiple levels. When you are around a person who carries this energy, you may feel their soft and caressing vibrations reassuring you that you are safe.  These angelic souls are the messengers of peace, love and unity.  When you spend time with angelic souls, it can be very soothing.

The best way to reconnect with this angelic part of your being may be to spend time meditating and reading about one of the angels you feel most connected to.  The more well-known angels are:  AA Michael, AA Chamuel, AA Metratron and AA Jophiel but there are many more from which to choose.

Once you have decided to reconnect with your angelic spirit, there are certain signs you will recognize that tells you your angels are indeed around you.  These are just a few signs to help you recognize their presence:

  • Finding a feather
  • Smelling a pleasant scent
  • Hearing an angelic type music
  • Finding the same type of coin over and over again
  • Hearing a voice that guides you or gives you information

Hopefully, today’s program will encourage you to delve into discovering your own personal angels and developing your angelic nature.

Listen to this weeks show by clicking HERE.