Who Does It Belong To with Lily Wu

Lily helps her clients examine the reasons they may be experiencing pain in their body by not only listening to them but also by helping them examine their pain through a method called “Access Bars Treatment”.  Using this type of treatment modality allows a client to change many aspects of their life.  Sleep, weight, sex life, anxiety, stress, headaches, lower back issues and overall body tension can be addressed successfully using “The Access Bars” method.

The “bars” correspond to different points on the head.  These points relate to both positive and negative emotions and thoughts such as joy, control issues, calmness, frustration, stress and even gratitude.  If there is stagnation or congestion in these areas, it can impact the person’s health.  Helping the person look at their thoughts while doing acupressure or acupuncture can then begin to alleviate the painful condition the individual has developed over time.

Lily also shared information about Bryon Katie whose work can be found at www.thework.org Bryon Katie has videos and worksheets available on this website to help a person sort through their thoughts which might be preventing them from living their best life.

For further consultation with Lily Wu, please go to  www.loaacupuncture.com

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