What Is Self Care? with Kristin Geeslin

“Self-care” is defined as “taking care of your mind, body and spirit”.   When you focus on taking better care of yourself, you are also modeling to those around you how to live a healthier life.  Self-care isn’t a one-time occurrence, either.  If you are in alignment, you will be in tune with your mind, body and spirit.  If you neglect yourself, however, there could also be significant health problems.

Here are just a few ideas Kristin shares with us during the program today:

  • “De-clutter” in order to make your life more simple
  • Disconnect from people who are negative
  • Practice meditation and “breathing”
  • Stretch, walk, swim or do any physical activity that allow you to de-stress
  • Dance “as if no-one is watching”
  • Spend time in the sun and out in nature
  • Plan “escape” time where you can re-connect with yourself

Remember the best way to take care of others is to take care of you.

Listen to this week’s program below.

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