Understanding The Meaning Of Life

   “Understanding The Meaning Of Life” with Trey Malicoat, Life Coach and Author

As Trey explains on today’s show, “maybe we are only on this journey we call “life” for two things:  to learn unconditional love and to embrace DIVINITY.”  He explains the “unconditional love” is for ourselves which is a novel idea since we are taught from an early age to love “others” unconditionally.  Certainly to “embrace the DIVINITY in ourselves” is a stretch for most of us.  So “how” do we go about doing these things?

Trey helps those who wish to get out of their restrictive thinking and into a life of peace and joy understand the reasons people “cling to their past”.  Some of the reasons are because of the stories we have told ourselves over and over which have then cemented our beliefs.  Additionally, Trey explains our pasts “allow us to become irresponsible with the choices” we make in our current life.  We can “blame others” for the way we are now.

Trey shares how we can change our “narrative” if we are willing to do the work.  The biggest challenge for most of us is learning to be fully “present” by living in the now.  He has formulated questions that can be found on UpsizeYourSoul.com and are available for downloading.  Additionally, Trey is available for personal coaching.  If you are tired of the life you are currently living, consider working with Trey to find the rewarding and happy life everyone deserves to live.

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