Understanding the Lower Three Chakras with Tess Dalka

The lower three chakras start at the base of the spine.  They are named the root or base, sacral and solar plexus chakras.  Technically, they are the three energy centers that help us to feel connected, creative, sensual and able to exert our will power when necessary.

As you examine each of your chakras, they will tell you a story about your relationship with yourself and with others.  The root or base chakra is associated with food, shelter and safety.  This chakra also controls your relationship with finances, family and your physical body.  If it is balanced, you will be able to express yourself emotionally and your health will be good.  The Angels refer to this chakra as our “home base”

The sacral chakra is located a few inches below the belly button and it governs the reproductive organs, the kidneys and the bladder. Here is where you will find movement and the flow of energy throughout the body for manifesting success and abundance.  If your life is lacking in these areas, the sacral chakra may be blocked.  The angels call this area “The Birthing the Child of the Divine” area.

The solar plexus chakra is the third one and it is gives your life its unlimited potential.  It is the center of your personal power and confidence.  If this area is blocked, you may feel helpless and have difficulty seeing the “bigger purpose” in life.  Your life may also lack direction.  The Angels refer to this area as one of “communicating our Soul’s desires.  Here everything is done out of “love”.

Tess with the assistance of her Angels gives us a clearer understanding of the spiritual meaning of these energy vortexes within our body.  If the bottom three chakras are in alignment with the top four chakras, our lives will be full of joy and excitement.  In addition, we will have abundant energy and be able to live our life to its fullest potential.

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