Understanding Shamanism

Understanding Shamanism

Bart Smyth shares his Shamanic journey with us today.

Shamans still exist in every culture on the planet in some form or another.  The Shamanic path is actually one of our birthrights since we all come from indigenous people if we go back far enough.  Shamanism is actually an ancient healing tradition.  Additionally, it is a way to connect with nature and all of creation.

True shamans are able to achieve “visionary” states of consciousness which is a type of ancient meditation.  This is a practice whereby you are able to “quiet” yourself and focus your intentions upon the inner world rather than the outer world with all of its distractions.  A Shamanic practitioner can access information through a process called “divination”. When a person is quiet within his/her mind, it is possible to access an expanded state of awareness. It is in this space your “helping spirits” can provide information.

Each culture throughout the world has had its own shamans.  It was once thought the shaman was the “only person” in the tribe who could communicate and translate the messages from the various Gods. Archaeologists and anthropologists have actually dated shamanistic practices back as far as 40,000 years.

Today practitioners of Shamanism teach us the importance of being aware of the unity we have with all life.  When we make this connection, we can truly become our own healers.  Shamanic healing is a different approach to restoring our health since it can assist us with the connection to the Divine thereby creating a “union” with our entire being.

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