Understanding Our Current Viruses and Your Options with Julie Brannon D.PSc

Julie Brannon is a trained Master Herbalist, Formulator and Founder of Bailey’s Naturals Herbal Apothecary in downtown Safety Harbor, Fl.  She has assisted clients for over 2 decades find natural ways to vibrant health.

In our show today, Julie and I discuss the options available for people as they face viral challenges as well as their choices for getting healthy and then maintaining that health after they get it.

A virus as defined by the Oxford Dictionary is “an infective agent that typically consists of a nucleic acid molecule in a protein coat.  It is too small to be seen by light microscopy and is only able to multiply within the living cells of a host”.

How do we fight viruses?  What can we do to stay healthy is currently being discussed by everyone so this show may provide answers to some of your questions.

You can contact Julie via her website at BaileysNaturals.com or via email at info@baileysnaturals.com.

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