Understanding Holistic Nutrition with Bob Gilpatrick

Understanding Holistic Nutrition with Bob Gilpatrick

What does holistic nutrition mean?  Technically, it means taking into account the entire person and developing an approach that considers all aspects of life including diet, exercise, and supplementation.  It also means appreciating how a person’s spiritual life and emotional state can impact their overall wellness.

Holistic nutrition is actually an expression of the complex interplay between the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects of our life which is the reason for the Synergy Connection show.  Understanding how to stay healthy in all of these areas allows us to personally manage our own well-being rather than rely on “outside” methods and individuals to keep us well.  We can learn the “how’s” of health.

Bob Gilpatrick, co-owner of Boomers Forever Young,   explains on this show how a person can stay in top physical and emotional health by using products that assist the body on a cellular level which in turn promotes our emotional well-being.  Taking the time to understand how our bodies actually work will be the best action you can take for “living your best life”.

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