Understanding Chakras From An Angelic Perspective with Tess Dalka

What are chakras and where are they located?  These are common questions often asked because chakras are seldom discussed.  Chakras are defined as circular vortexes of energy that are located at different points on the spinal column.  They are connected to various organs within the body and are responsible for distributing energy throughout a person.

According to Hindu beliefs, there are seven main chakras.  Four chakras are located in the upper body and these govern our mental properties.  The lower three chakras govern our instinctual characteristics.  Together the chakras should contribute to a person’s well-being.  When someone’s chakras aren’t in balance, peace and overall wellness cannot be achieved.

Tess shares with listeners today how the angels see our chakras.   Since the entire Universe is made up of energy, the angels want us to understand that our bodies are simply energetic vehicles.  They continually remind us that our human life is all about “remembering the truth of who we really are” and “releasing the belief that we can’t do something”.  When our chakras become aligned, all things are possible because the energy simply flows.

Listen to this week’s program below.

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