The Secrets of A Good Book Launch with Yvonne DiVita

Yvonne DiVita brings 20 years of experience to the field of communication and whether you need someone to help you develop and launch your book or find new ways to grow your small business, Yvonne has the skills you need to succeed.

On the show today, we discuss how to do a “Book Launch” that will get you and your book off to a great start.  Yvonne suggests getting at least 20 people you know to become “Beta Readers”.  They will read your book and offer testimonies & reviews before the book launch date.

Listen to the show today and discover many other ways to create the greatest impact on the book market so you are off to a successful and profitable start as an author.

Yvonne DiVita can be reached for consultation via the following links:

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Image by Darkmoon_Art from Pixabay