The Connection Between Sacred Sights and Sacred Self with Victoria Hawkins

A sacred site is “a place that is considered to be sacred or holy” and people view this location worthy of respect.  When this behavior takes place, people care for and protect these spaces and pilgrimages often occur.  Examples of these locations world-wide are Jerusalem, Hagia Sophia, Himalayan Mountains, Taktsang in Bhutan, Stonehenge, and the Devils Tower just to name a few.

There are also local “sacred sight” areas within many states within the United States and when you visit these areas, there is an internal connection between that energy and your own personal energy.

Learning to treat yourself as a sacred space is so critical in this process. When you look at your physical life and recognize the importance of “connecting the dots” between who we are as physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual beings”, the process of balancing this sacred space will become apparent.

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