Shamanism And Its Relevance Today with Victoria Hawkins

Shamanism is usually defined as a system of religious practices often associated with indigenous societies.  The “shaman” is believed to be connected to the “otherworld” and as a result of this connection, he/she has the ability to heal the sick, to communicate with those who have died and to help the deceased move over to the afterlife.  In fact, Shamanic healing dates back over 100,000 years and has been practiced throughout the world.

Shamans still exist today in some form in every culture.  The most remarkable feature of shamanism is their ability to achieve what is called a “visionary state of consciousness” where they can go into the “hidden or inner world” while still being very much a part of this world.  Spirits of nature, our deceased ancestors, guides, and angelic forces are in this inner world and they serve us as helpers and guardians.

Victoria helps our listeners today understand how shamanism works in modern day life.  In some ways this is a practice of making changes on an invisible realm that in turn impacts the healing of an individual or even a community in “real time”.  During a Shamanic ritual, energetic pathways are removed and communication with “non-physical helpers” is established.  When this connection occurs, answers are revealed as to the cause of an illness or interpersonal problem.  As a result, corrections can be made and healing can take place.

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