Sacred Teacher Medicine Plants with Victoria Carella

A Medicine Shaman works with Medicine Spirits. Anything that a person sees as separate from themselves is a spirit with its own energy structure and vibration. A spirit can only be what it is and function accordingly. It cannot be forced to do other than what its function is. Because there are so many spirits, a Shaman works with Head Medicine Spirits. The Head Medicine Spirits direct other spirits to assist in carrying out the work with a Shaman. I refer specifically to Medicine Shamans and Medicine Spirits because there are other types of shamans that work with the dark arts. I recommend avoiding the later.

Master Shamans are able to navigate through energetic spaces and move through worlds and dimensions directly and easily with their knowledge and connection to Spirit as their guide. Master Shamans hold safe and sacred ceremonial spaces. With the use of the Teacher Medicine Plant Cannabis, people are guided into shamanic states of consciousness so they can release blocks that are no longer serving their highest selves. The Shaman keeps others moving through the transformative process – out of stagnation and into motion. The Shaman opens gateways to divine knowledge and divine wisdom.

Victoria Carella can be reached and supported through the following links:


JOURNEYS An Exploration of Being

Cannabis Shamanism: Reconnecting to Sacred Teacher Plant Medicine

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5 thoughts on “Sacred Teacher Medicine Plants with Victoria Carella”

  1. Awesome podcast! Definitely a Master Shaman.
    Hope you have Maestra Victoria back for another podcast.
    Thank you!

  2. I loved the podcast. I like the way Victoria explains how the spirit of water can cleanse us when we take a shower. To recognize them and call upon them.

  3. Just listened! It is a great primer on what Maestra Victoria does and is about. It was great to hear an icaro!💜💥💜

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