Relationship Beliefs with Paul Levin

How you act in any relationship is based upon what you believe.  According to relationship experts, many of our common beliefs can be very harmful.  Here are just a few of the misconceptions we might have that could potentially destroy the very thing we are hoping to find.

  • Your partner should be your best friend. In reality, turning your romantic relationship into your only source of support can put too much strain on the partnership.
  • Although we need to provide patience with one another, it’s also very important not to stay in an abusive or toxic relationship.
  • Love can bring untold beauty and a feeling of “completeness” to your life but happiness begins within yourself. If you are always expecting the other person to make you happy, the likelihood of the relationship failing is much greater.  Learn to make yourself happy and then share your happiness with those around you.
  • Expecting your partner to know what you’re thinking or feeling isn’t realistic. Communication is the “name of the game” so make an effort to open up and share your feelings.

These are only a few of the beliefs that can either “make or break” a partnership.  Paul uses his coaching skills today to help everyone better appreciate what makes a healthy relationship work.

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