Recognizing Your Personal Divinity

From Wikipedia, the Higher Self is defined as the “eternal, omnipotent and intelligent being who is actually one’s real self”.

How do you get to know this part of yourself?  There are several ways you can begin to be in touch with this “eternal self”.


  1. Seeking opportunities to infuse the world with more love by showing compassion and kindness to those we meet through day to day activities.
  2. Setting aside time each day to practice “mindfulness”.
  3. Surrendering our tendencies to judge others since we don’t really know or understand what is happening in their lives.
  4. Learning to forgive anyone who may have harmed you emotionally or physically. Using the Ho’Oponopono  Hawaiian method we have spoken about on previous shows really does work.
  5. Recognizing our own mistakes and then forgiving our self which can be the one of the most difficult acts of forgiveness.
  6. Learning to see the goodness in others.

Becoming aware of times throughout each day when you were negative or less loving than you might have been.  This exercise helps to keep you mindful of your own part in connecting not only to your personal divinity but the divinity in others.

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