Managing Change in Business and Relationships with Keith Long

Change in every aspect of life can be difficult as well as frightening because it requires our moving into new territories.  However, change can also be exciting because different experiences and people will enter your life.  Predictability will be gone and growth on a personal level can occur.

Change is the one constant we have in life as we evolve from infants to adulthood.  We experience both positive and negative situations during this time and our habits and thoughts evolve leading to new beliefs. As we age, our jobs, health, geography and relationships also change and we may find ourselves going in totally new directions.

Keith Long, a Harvard Nieman Foundation scholar, and I discuss how difficult “change” can be for all of us on the show today.  The decisions we make need to be carefully evaluated. However, it’s also important to remember that transitions can bring about wonderful new opportunities.

Keith can be contacted via LinkedIn.

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