Living with Ease Using the Law of Attraction with Lily Wu

All of us have heard people mention “The Law of Attraction” but what does this term mean?  Simply put, it means whatever you focus on in your life is what you pull into your life.   You might now ask, “How does it work?”  Maybe you have been working to attract your dreams into your life for a long time and it hasn’t worked thus far.

Lily Wu helps today’s listeners understand that the Law of Attraction is continuously working for or against you. It influences all your experiences throughout each and every day. As a result, if you are not vibrating at a positive frequency most of the time, it can be quite difficult to successfully manifest what you desire.

However, if you work on maintaining the higher frequencies through compassion and love, you will end up moving more positive experiences into your life.  Learning how to “Live with Ease Using the Law of Attraction” is today’s show.

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