Is Astrology A Part Of Your Life with Tess Dalka

Thousands of years ago our ancestors revered the planets and the stars.  In fact, people have been interested in astrology for about eleven thousand years and the study of the stars and their influence on humans may be the oldest form of divination in the world.

Astrologers, the people who study the stars and planets, began to realize that people born within certain times of the year had a lot in common.  As a result of these common characteristics, astrologers began constructing charts to help guide individuals.

There are 12 signs in the zodiac and these signs are divided into four groups.  Each group contains three of the signs.  Most people are aware of their Sun sign and they usually understand some of the character traits associated with their sign.

In today’s program, Tess helps us understand how astrology plays an important role in our lives. By looking at not only our month of birth and time of birth but also the influence the different planets make on us as they transit across the sky, we may be able to make wiser decisions for the present as well as the future.

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