Interview with Paul Levin, Author of Your Life Sucks No More

Paul is a Life Coach and Motivational Speaker living in the Tampa Bay, Florida area.  He enjoys showing people of all ages how “to change their lives from sadness to happiness”.A question posed to Paul was taken from the back of his book.  What do you do when things in your life “must” change?  Paul had reached a point in his own life when he said to himself, “Enough is enough”!  He decided it was up to him to begin taking his life into his own hands and to “expect” different results to occur.  He explains in his book that he “reverse-engineered” the Universe.  In doing so, he also found out that the rules of life have been around “forever”.

Learning to have “hope” that life can and will change if you approach it differently is the gift Paul brings to his readers and listeners.  He encourages everyone to simply keep “stepping” in the direction they desire to go.  You will eventually arrive at your destination and be the better person for your effort and perseverance.

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