I Am Responsible For My Own Health and Wellness with Julie Brannon, D.PSc

Health and wellness are defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease and infirmity.”  How many of us can say we are healthy?

My guest today is Julie Brannon, D.PSc and our discussion covers how we can thrive during these challenging times by looking at our own responsibility in this area.

If you can visit her shop in person or online at www.baileysnaturals.com, Julie explains the place to begin understanding how to become healthier is to look at the basics of your life.  She explains the importance of water consumption throughout the day and recommends drinking an alkaline base water in order to keep your pH level in the proper range.  Acidic levels create inflammation which in turn will create more opportunity for disease.

Diets that consist of “live food” will vastly improve your state of health because our bodies know what to do with plant-based food.  Protein is important but in an amino based form, it can go to work repairing the cells much more quickly and our digestive systems are not overwhelmed with breaking down the food.

Supplementation is the next area targeted and even the FDA is now recommending vitamins and minerals since our soils have become so depleted of the nutrients we need.

Here are the links Julie mentioned in our conversation today. Feel free to visit the links below to further research how to get and maintain your health and wellness for the rest of your life.

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