Hypnosis And Your Health with Patricia Simone

When people hear the word “hypnosis”, they think about relaxation and well-being.  This state of mind can last for hours, or, over time, it can totally change a person’s behaviors.  Individuals who have anxiety, eating disorders, sleep problems and chronic pain can truly benefit from using this treatment modality.

In the case of Insomnia, the person uses self-hypnosis and verbal cues to go into a trance-like state.  You are also able to increase the amount of deep sleep experienced so you will awaken refreshed.  Since sleep is so essential for our health, learning this technique is critical for overall wellness.

Relaxation techniques often include hypnosis to ease anxiety symptoms.  The adrenal glands which sit on top of the kidneys are under constant attack if a person is anxious about their life.  This problem can then lead to auto-immune disorders which are now a growing medical condition with no actual cure so using hypnosis might be a way to help protect our immune system.

Another area where hypnosis has been highly effective is managing chronic pain.  In this case, learning hypnotic suggestions can help the person gain control of their pain.

Patricia has used hypnosis with her clients to help them change current thought patterns into ones allowing them to live a healthier and more active life.  Because there are no chemicals involved, the side effects of hypnosis are only positive ones.  Contact Patricia if this recording speaks to any of your issues.

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