How Your Beliefs Effect Your Life with Paul Levin

I think it’s safe to say that everyone has beliefs about life and how to live it.  We tend to act on those beliefs, and, as a result, our beliefs shape our life.  What I find interesting is people can become so attached to their beliefs they don’t see how they could be damaging to them.  One analogy is to see our beliefs as glasses through which we see the world.  Sometimes we simply need new prescriptions!

Paul helps us to examine these “basic assumptions” we call “beliefs”.  Since our values determine how we see not only our environment and everyone who is a part of our life, it is incredibly important to examine all of the concepts that have shaped who we think we are.  These ideas include our thoughts about integrity, honesty, religion, education, loyalty, friendship, work ethic, conservation and so the list goes.  By simply “tweaking” some of our beliefs about life, we may find ourselves in a totally new and wonderful place.

Listen to Paul and see if your life could use some minor or maybe even major “tweaking” in order to live the life you truly want.

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