How Stress Can Affect Your Life with Paul Levin

In these difficult times with Covid-19 and our daily if not hourly exposure to the current stressors of health concerns, financial difficulties, social distancing and fear of what may lie ahead of us, Paul gives us important tips on staying on top of our stress level. Learning how to manage stress is vital if we want to live an optimal life but it is also a necessity to stay healthy emotionally.

Breath work is one technique that can take stress off immediately if it is done properly.  Focusing on a slow, deep breathing pattern in addition to visualizing a peaceful location has been shown to lower blood pressure within minutes.

Another technique is to use the Inner Balance Device from the Heart Math Institute which will help get you into heart coherence. This means that your entire body can enter a healing modality for physical as well as emotional wellness.

Exercising, stretching, getting a massage, taking a warm bath, listening to soothing music, preparing and eating healthy foods, meditating, focusing on what you’re grateful for in your life  as well as making sure you are getting sufficient sleep are also ways to manage your stress level more effectively.

One more important consideration is to remember that if you are depressed, anxious, frustrated, or angry, be sure to talk to someone.  Even “self-talk” if it is done in a positive way is beneficial.   Adapt the “Little Engine that Could” attitude by telling yourself that you can overcome any difficulty you are currently facing.  Remember our thoughts do create our reality!

I hope you’ll enjoy this conversation with Paul and find new ways to manage the stress all of us are facing each and every day.

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Image by Peggy und Marco Lachmann-Anke from Pixabay