How Fear Keeps Us from Living our Best Life

Today’s blog will be a “recap” of Trey Malicoat’s conversation with me from 11/08/18.

Since birth, we have all been conditioned to respond to threats and unpleasant situations.   We have continued to be taught through the years how we should respond to fearful ideas through the advice or instruction of parents, teachers, friends and relatives.  Everyone meant well but their guidance may have created road blocks for us.

As Trey pointed out, essentially all humans live their lives designed around a “safety plan based on conditions, judgments and expectations” that would reduce fear and create a “life of stability”.

Sometimes these rules may actually imprison you and it may be necessary for you to “change your rules in order to change your life”.

One question Trey posed was “How would your world be different if you no longer identified with some of your fears?  How would your life change if you stood in appreciation for all of your experiences”?

If you truly believed you could live a life of “joy, peace, and prosperity”, how would you get there?

Trey provided us with several ways to step out of our fear and begin living the life we all deserve to live.  Here are just a few of his suggestions.

  1. Accept full responsibility for the reality you create.
  2. Accept that your past is irrelevant for who you choose to be in the present moment.
  3. Realize that the future is an illusion about what you think you deserve.
  4. Live your life with unattached wonder.
  5. Consider the two things you do actually control: your perception and your reaction to it.

Be sure to listen to the entire program from today so you can fully step into your life of joy and purpose.

Listen to this weeks show by clicking HERE.

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