How Do You Hear Your Personal Calling with Doug Warner

Trying to figure out the right path for you to take in life is never easy.  Using your intuition to help you find that path is one way to find your calling but how does intuition work?  It’s actually a “feeling” or a gentle nudge that happens inside of you.

All of us have the ability to use this special innate skill and the more we use it, the better our life will become.  Our intuition works by drawing on the patterns we have collected over the years when we need to make a quick decision about something.

Intuition is the way the subconscious mind communicates with the conscious mind.  It lets us know when something isn’t right because it goes to where we store information and puts the pieces together.  It guides us and encourages us to look, listen, examine and decide what is best for us.

Doug does an amazing job on this show of helping people learn whether they are on the right path for their life by examining what their intuition is telling them on that subtle level.

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Image by Radosław Cieśla from Pixabay