How Do You Become A Shaman with Bart Smythe

Most people don’t sign up to become a shaman.  They are “called to it”.  Sometimes there is a moment in their life such as a near death experience but often is it just an “inner knowing” beginning in childhood that tells them intuitively there is more to life than what is seen with  human eyes.

Is it glamorous to be a shaman?  The ones I have met will tell you it is often a life of sacrifice with no time off for good behavior.  These individuals walk between worlds where they receive wisdom and the ability to heal people, animals and the planet.  The duty of a shaman is to be of service to all who need him/her.  In some cases, a young person who feels a calling to become a shaman has healers in the immediate family who will teach and nurture them.  Within the United States, it is more difficult to find training since we have become disconnected from our innate spiritual roots.

Bart explains his background and shamanic training with today’s listeners.  He travels both overseas and throughout the United States sharing his “healing gifts” with those who are ready to hear and experience another modality of healing.

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