How an Imbalance In Our Chakras Can Impact Our Health

The word Chakra means “Wheel” and each Chakra is a lot like a “ball of energy”.  Sometimes these energy centers are called “vortexes”.  Our Chakras are responsible for our “physical, emotional and spiritual” health and well-being.

We have six major Chakras within our physical body and six above our head.  Most people have heard of the seven Chakras but the other five are less well known.

The first “six Chakras” are balanced between the base of the spine and continue up through the body to the space between your eye brows. The names beginning at the base of the spine are:  Root, Sacral, Solar Plexus, Heart, Throat and Third Eye.  The “Crown Chakra” is slightly above the top of your head. The remaining five Chakras are evenly divided above the crown Chakra.

Each Chakra has its own frequency.  When our Chakra “frequencies” are in balance, we feel connected with ourselves and with others. These vortexes “distribute energy” to the “emotional, physical, spiritual and mental aspects” of our being.   They interweave with one another and look a lot like our spinal column.

The Chakras are often referred to as our “sacred energy centers” and when they are open, their energy is “balanced”. They can then flow with “life” or “chi”.

These energy centers open with our thoughts, feelings and perceptions so when you feel either a negative or positive emotion, you will feel it in the corresponding Chakra.

If there is a condition that is a negative and it remains this way for any length of time without getting resolved, a physical symptom is created.  This is the body’s way of telling the person that a problem exists because of unresolved feelings or perceptions.

Since our “awareness” can lead to correcting the problem, this is truly a case where you can regain your health just by listening to your body and recognizing what might be occurring within the Chakra where a particular organ resides.

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