Have We Missed the Mark on Why We Are Alive

Tess explains that “earth is where we learn that life is really all about “playfulness and joy”.  We are actually “earth angels” being “watched over” by more advanced angels.  We can’t be “wrong” or “bad” because we are in reality “babies” in the process of discovery.  We would never punish or be angry with an infant for doing what they must do in order to discover who they are.

Tess went on to explain that negative feelings such as anger, frustration, being depressed or anxious or any other emotion that might cause a negative response is perfectly alright.  The key is to recognize the feelings and understand the source.  If the experience isn’t bringing you joy, don’t do it anymore.  She stated we often behave like children yelling “take it away” while still holding on tightly to whatever is bringing us pain.

Her message from her angels was to understand it isn’t our responsibility to “heal the world”.  When we change our focus from what “we should do” to having joyful experiences in our life, our vibrational frequency changes which has a positive influence on the entire planet.  Taking on “causes” only perpetuates the problems to be solved.  When we see the “world” as having problems, our focus is on the negative so we’re providing energy to the very thing we want to improve.  By seeing the situation as “evolving”, we begin to provide the energy for change to occur.

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