Are You In Balance With Your Life Purpose?

Whether your chakras are open or closed will determine, in part, the state of your health.  What are you willing to do to keep your mind, body, spirit and emotions in balance?

One interesting thought is that in order for a person to become “self-realized” and “in harmony” with one’s physical and spiritual self, our lower three chakras need to be in balance with the upper three chakras.  The root, sacral and solar plexus are the lower three and are involved with trust, relationships and accepting your place in the world.  The heart, throat and third eye chakras, the upper three, are concerned with compassion, forgiveness, taking responsibility, learning to “listen” and connecting to the divine.

As a side note our throat chakra governs our higher consciousness.  It also is associated with listening to our own intuition and divine guidance.  Buddha has said the following, in reference to using “our voice”,

  • Is it true?
  • Is it necessary?
  • Is it kind?

If you can accept the belief that we all have the ability to heal ourselves on any of the four levels, then the benefit of “braiding” our spiritual, emotional, mental and physical aspects should be clear.  Stretching our understanding about life and recognizing that, in truth, everything in life is actually “out of our control”. The only thing we truly can do is “surrender” and learn our life lessons as we go.  Maybe now is the time for each of us to heal ourselves by discovering our own personal path.

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