Adjust Your Dials to Find Your Smile with Kristin Geeslin, MS

How do we find our “smiles” amidst all of the stress and chaos we’re experiencing in the world today?  Kristin helps us look at how we can “tune in and tune out” the various stressful areas in our lives in order to live our “best life”.

She explains by looking closely at our own values, goals and aspirations, we can actually make “moment to moment” choices that will guide us.

She also discusses how the internal settings on our “dial” are controlled to a major degree by our fears, worries, expectations, anticipations, distractions and need to achieve certain goals.

You can contact Kristin for further information on her consulting or individual sessions via email at

Facebook:  Kristin Geeslin, MS

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Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

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